The scalp is included with every order!

Dear Provital team,

Attached is a photo of our two dogs Diggy (American Shepherd, 10 years old and Abby (Maltipoo, 1 year old) who have been fed anifit for several years, or rather from the very beginning.

I always add the potato flakes to add some carbohydrates.
The flakes dissolve very quickly in warm water, so that the whole food is well tempered and has a good consistency and digestibility. Our dogs have regular and normally firm bowel movements. Highly recommended!

The scalp is a wonderful tooth brushing and activity therapy.
They keep both dogs busy for a long time, as they have to be chewed soft first and are always popular. Also very good to take with you. The bones do not splinter, so there is no risk of injury.
The scalp is included with every order!

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