Felix loves Anifit

Dear Anifit Team,

My dachshund loves Anifit food, I also mix it with flakes, e.g. natural flakes, potato, carrot or apple.
carrots or apples, he likes everything, his coat is very shiny and he tolerates everything very well.
As for the treats, he is particularly keen on the chicken hearts, I have to put the treat tin on top of the cupboard, he gets them from the table and skilfully opens the lid (I sometimes have problems with this).
but all the others are also very desirable venison beetroot shrimps etc. I have now tried Dentax against tartar and I have to say that his teeth are almost shiny white again, there are still a few dark spots on his fangs but he still gets it, Dentax saves a general anaesthetic for teeth cleaning at the vet.

Best regards
Annegret and Felix

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