Diarrhoea in kittens gone/smoking no hip pain





Dear Anifit Team,

Following a recommendation from a friend, I simply wanted to give ANfit a try for our two tigers. My friend has been a customer for a very long time and her cats are just fine.

As two kittens had moved in with us and both were suffering from severe diarrhoea and were also both underweight, I got the tip just right and switched them to ANIfit.

They loved the food right from the start and had a lot of catching up to do. I asked Mrs Zintl everything that was bothering me and she explained everything to me. I also ordered the intestinal powder to treat the diarrhoea for both kittens and after a short time their faeces became firmer and they also gained weight. In the meantime, after about 3 months, they have become two beautiful fur noses. A beautiful cat and a beautiful tomcat, both with such cosy fur that it is a pleasure to stroke them. Even the vet is delighted with our two furry friends. My husband and I are happy to have fed them a healthy and species-appropriate diet right from the start.

I am also very satisfied with the care I received and I asked about the Gelenkfit if I could give it a try. I was suffering from severe hip pain and had already tried a lot of things and nothing helped me. I couldn't sleep through the night because of the pain. Now I have been taking Gelenkfit from ANIfit for about 3 months and I can sleep through the night again and my quality of life is back. I naturally asked if I could take it too, as the products are all food grade, I didn't hesitate for long.

I just wanted to write that so that everyone can read it.

Your family Gartler with our two favourites
Minki and Minosch

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